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Firewalking has been practiced for thousands of years and was originally something that only priests and shamans had the right to conduct. People would travel for days to participate and experience the transformational power of this ceremony.

Over 30 years ago, Peggy Dylan - founder of Sundoor, began bringing the firewalk to the western world as a tool for personal development and is therefore often referred to as "the Mother of the Western Firewalking Movement".

The Sundoor School was founded in 1984 and has since trained thousands of firewalking instructors all over the world.In the last  years, Peggy has held a few courses to train teachers who in turn has the right to train new instructors and today there are 16 of us teachers worldwide. 

Instructions will be in English and will contain all the information, skills, tools, support and network you need to successfully use firewalking in your work with companies, private groups or in other settings.
During the training we will explore everything; from the practical planning of a firewalk, different types of woods, how to build and tend a fire, raking the embers to fire safety, presentation skills and workshop timing.

We will give you a lot of personal experience with the fire and guide you through the process to become the best equipped, self confident, capable and inspiring firewalk instructor you can be!

Upon certification, you will be authorized to conduct firewalks, arrow breaks and rebar bends. You will also have access to our exclusive instructor forum containing lots of information, direct links to your instructor colleagues, online support and of course personal contact with Ana and Elke.

The course is very comprehensive and contains all the information required for safe firewalking.
For those who wish to learn to use these inspiring tools and thus create dynamic workshops for groups, there is no better education.

Previous participants have told us that during this 6-day long training they formed a deep and personal relationship to the fire, creating a profound change within them. Afterward they felt stronger, more focused and determined.

Do something new and amazing with your life!

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